I've had a lot going on so I haven't been writing like I should. I sit back and I think about where I want to go from here. I know that I don't want to be a one hit wonder. So, I pondered what steps to take next and I came up with one: Write! I've heard it and read it time and time again. Writing is therapy. Therefore, when nothing seems to be going the way I want it, I will write. When the kids seem to work my last nerve and writing is the last thing on my mind, I will write. When I don't know which direction my relationship is headed, I will write. Why? Because I believe in myself and I'm not a quitter. I have no control over life's ups and downs but I have control over my writing.  Nothing from nothing leaves nothing and I want to have something preferably by 06/20/2013 exactly one year after the publication of my first book. So I'm putting on my big girl shoes and writing and even giving myself permission to write at least five sentences a day if I choose. Bottom line I'm writing. How about you? When life happens and you're feeling like its getting the best of you, what do you do?

How long is too long to wait for a relationship to lead to marriage?

This question came to mind after a friend commented, "If a man hasn't married a woman after being with her five years she should leave him."

People shack and do all the things that two married people would do, but don't feel that they should make it official. Why?

Each individual has rules and expectations for their mate: A certain time to be home, quality time spent, holiday celebrations with family, meals prepared and even sexual satisfaction. So, why not say I do?

Most often a relationship begins and progresses to show each partner why the other is worthy of a life long commitment. Except, more often than not, the proposal never comes.  

When is it time to call it quites? Is it ever ok to give an ultimatum, marry me or else?

Happy Fourth of July to everyone. I hope you all are enjoying this day off work and for those of you who have the rest of the week off, I'm jealous. This heat is serious and I hope everyone has eaten plenty and had a wonderful time while keeping cool.
It's summer time in the Chi and I love it. I saw on the news this morning that the temperature is going to be a high of 102 and the heat index is going to make it feel like a 110. While this is extremely hot, I am happy to have it because I prefer the heat to the cold any day. We can do a lot of fun things to keep cool like go to the pool, eat and drink lots of cool things. Downtown there's the tall building with the waterfall where you can see yourself while safely enjoying the feel of the cool water. And an oldie but goodie is the beach. I remember packing up sandwiches and chips and juice as well as the bbq grill and heading to 31st street beach with the family. We would have a good time in and out of the water all day. How I loved the good times.

What about you? How do you feel about the heat? What do you do to keep cool and relaxed on hot summer days?
Today is the first day after my first novel A Heart Reserved For Love was published. I'm very excited to say the least. I had been working on the story on and off for the past four years allowing fear to get the best of me at times. While I truly love writing and believe in myself, it does not stop the question, "Am I good enough?" I know I can write, but for an audience, hmm? However, I do believe I can do anything that is humanly possible if I'm willing to work at it for however long it takes. For that reason, I put that fear behind me and did what I had to do. I believe in the saying, "Nothing beats a failure but a try." Now, I've arrived. I can truly call myself a published author and it feels really good. I have gotten so much love and support I'm still amazed. It is one thing to believe in yourself but when other people believe in you it is something totally different altogether. I appreciate the love and support with everything I have in me and will always do my best with every book that I write. I hope that everyone who reads A Heart Reserved For Love is entertained, which is my reason for publishing.


    Author Renita Williams

    I was born and raised in Chicago, Illinois where I remain to this day. I love to love and be loved thus my interest in the romance genre.  If I had my way everyone would be in a healthy, loving relationship, but that isn't the case. We live in a real world and I know it. However, I have an escape.Through romantic fiction I am able to put my vivid imagination to great use creating my own happy endings. I believe the heavens blessed me with words and my love for them destined me to share them with others.


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